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Pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology

When you're ready to pursue a masters degree in psychology, it's important to choose an area of specialization and determine whether you want to work in the clinical, educational, research, or business setting. Once accepted into a program, expect close to 60 hours of coursework, which will vary by institution and state standards. Read more...

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The Value of APA Accreditation

Beyond the general accreditations that all reputable schools must have, graduate and professional programs often earn additional or advanced program accreditation. Typically, a school or degree program is accredited by a professional organization in that field that officially recognizes the program as meeting essential requirements, such as academic excellence. Read more...

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A Pavlov Primer: A Guide to the Work of Ivan P. Pavlov

Ask anyone who has ever taken Psychology 101 who Ivan Pavlov is, and almost everyone will remember the slobbering dogs. Unfortunately, that's about all they remember. In fact, most people think of him as a psychologist, but he wasn't. Read more...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 101

Almost everyone knows someone who has spent years in counseling, but still doesn't seem to get any healthier. Yet we may know others who have spent a few short months in counseling and are happier and healthier. What's the difference? Read more...

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What do Psychologists Really Do? A Guide for the Curious Student

If you're considering majoring in Psychology, you're not alone. It's one of the most popular college majors today. In fact, the number of students enrolled in the discipline has surged 200% over the past decade. Many of those students will become professional psychologists. Read more...

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How to Become a Psychologist: A Student's Guide

There are many positions available for psychologists, each requiring a different set of skills. Would you rather be a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a therapist? The goal you choose will determine your path. Read more...

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Avoiding Psychology Diploma Mills

The future for psychology majors is a bright one with job opportunities available in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Perhaps you have a clearly defined path and you want to work in human resources, public relations, market research, counseling, community outreach or rehabilitation. Read more...

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