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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Arizona?

The Arizona population has risen to nearly 7 million people in recent years. People brought to the area by a lush recreational lifestyle and promising job and housing market, have decided that the Aztec State is a fine place to pursue educational opportunity, especially as it relates to the field of psychology.

Featuring multiple popular degree programs in over 25 schools across the state and a significant supply of accredited online opportunities, this vibrant state is poised to be a center of psychological study in 2021 and beyond.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The doctor of philosophy degree is the highest honor in the field within the Arizona border and may be obtained in a variety of specialty areas through a number of psychology schools in Arizona. Clinical psychology, cognition and neurological systems, evolution psychology, policy and law, and social psychology are just a few of the unique opportunities available.

Should one decide to dip their toes into the psychology waters, there are opportunities for that as well with bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. You may also attain an associate of arts in social and behavioral science degree within the state, but professional positions are reserved to the doctoral crowd.

Job Prospects in Arizona for Psychology Professionals

Currently, the median annual wage within the state is disappointingly low when stacked up against other states, such as Alaska, New York, and Massachusetts, but the roughly $62,000 figure still affords a comfortable lifestyle thanks to the low cost of living found outside the greater metropolitan areas.

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