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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Rhode Island?

Known as the “biggest little state in the Union,” Rhode Island is only 1,200 square miles in size, and also sports the smallest population. As such, education options for psychologists are limited, but what is there is well worth seeking out.

Educational Programs and Specialities

There are only nine accredited schools offering psychology degrees in Rhode Island. Of the seven, only the University of Rhode Island and Ivy League Brown University offer doctorate degree choices.

Despite the limited options, a student of psychology can find affordable, high quality undergraduate and graduate education at the smaller psychology schools in Rhode Island. Most students who successfully complete coursework at these levels later find the University of Rhode Island to be the least competitive, while Brown holds the distinction as the most prestigious.

Job Prospects in Rhode Island for Psychology Professionals

Featuring an extremely high concentration of psychologists, the employment market of Rhode Island is more plentiful than the education. The mean annual wage is $60,000 per year, but a relatively low cost of living makes it worthwhile.

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