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Zimmerman Library at University of New Mexico
Zimmerman Library at University of New Mexico

Why Choose to Study Psychology in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a surprisingly robust state for growth in the psychology profession. Recent studies by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that it is home to more school, clinical and counseling psychologists than anywhere else in the country, in spite of being relatively small population-wise.

Educational Programs and Specialities

With almost 20 schools offering accredited psychology programs, New Mexico does not have the market cornered on educational opportunity, but it is very competitive with other states of its size throughout the country. New Mexico State, the University of New Mexico and the University of Phoenix offer the only doctorate programs.

At the smaller level, schools like Clovis Community College are very well respected for associate degree training programs that introduce students to this rewarding profession. Bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees are available at the other psychology schools in New Mexico.

Job Prospects in New Mexico for Psychology Professionals

What you can earn as a psychologist greatly depends on your area of specialization. Some average just over $60,000 per year (think educational psychologists), while other areas average north of $80,000 per year. Private practitioners can do even better.

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