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University of Nevada Reno campus
University of Nevada Reno campus, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Nevada?

Nevada has been a state hit hard by unemployment in recent years, creating a lot of psychological stress and turmoil as the citizens look to go back to work. Luckily, the psychology field in Nevada is there to help. With nearly 10 psychology schools in Nevada offering accredited programs, and the densely populated area of Las Vegas, there are several opportunities.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) and the University of Nevada-Reno are considered the hubs for higher education in psychology within the state. They are two of only three schools in the state that offer the doctor of philosophy program. The third is the University of Phoenix.

Other schools within the state offer a strong diversity of bachelor’s specialization areas and graduate degrees. Many choose to complete bachelor’s and master’s work at the cheaper schools before opting for UNLV or Nevada-Reno to finish their degree path.

Job Prospects in Nevada for Psychology Professionals

In spite of having a limited population and a largely desert based landscape, the opportunities that do exist within the state for psychologists are considerable. With an annual median wage of around $71,000 and scholarships from organizations like the American Psychological Association and Psi Chi, this should be a top choice for attaining your education.

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