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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Pennsylvania?

If you are looking for choices in your psychology education as well as a great place to get started within the profession, Pennsylvania is the proverbial jackpot. Here, you will find more than 100 schools offering accredited programs in psychology as well as two of the more heavily populated metropolitan areas in the country for better job possibilities.

Educational Programs and Specialities

With such a large number of psychology schools in Pennsylvania you have a lot of options to choose from. While not all offer full-service programs, including doctorate degrees, all offer quality undergraduate courses and training.

For a doctorate degree, which you will certainly need if you want to make a career of psychology, universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Drexel, Duquesne, La Salle, Lehigh, Lincoln, Penn State, Temple, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh are just a few of the best.

Job Prospects in Pennsylvania for Psychology Professionals

While cost of living in the metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania is quite high compared with the rest of the country, so too is the annual median wage for psychologists. Most licensed industrial-organizational psychologists, for example, earn $100,000 per year. Education and counseling psychologist earn less, but enjoy even more job opportunities.

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