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Florida State University
Florida State University

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Florida?

Florida offers sharp contrast to many states in the south, offering many scenic and laid back regions to go along with the dense population. Here, you can get lost in a city as easily as you can a beach, and there are tons of opportunities, especially for the psychology major.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Florida’s population, as of 2012, was approaching 19 million. There to serve this ever expanding base, as well as the cities that house them, are more than 50 schools with strong psychology degree programs.

Degree programsĀ are some of the most diverse in the country with psychology schools in Florida offering bachelor’s and master’s degree plans in liberal arts and sciences as well as doctorates in education or psychology, to name a few. The state is known for its counselors and rehabilitative services as well as its output in other fields, such as education, industrial-organizational and neuroscience.

Job Prospects in Florida for Psychology Professionals

Licenses are issued by the Florida Board of Psychology, and require successful completion of a doctorate program before issuance will be given. Florida has some areas that are very high cost of living, and others that are extremely cheap, with an annual median wage for psychologists of approximately $67,000 per year.

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