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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Montana?

On the surface, Montana seems like it would be a place of limited opportunity for psychologists. But with a wide array of clinics, schools and hospitals, it is very likely a licensed pro will be able to find employment within state borders.

Educational Programs and Specialities

With just not quite 20 psychology schools in Montana offering accredited programs, educational training is limited, but you can still get all the education you need in Montana. The University of Montana offers the only doctorate program in the state for psychologists, but there are many other great schools where you can begin and progress through the journey.

Many students prefer the smaller schools in Montana due to cost. By keeping tuition low through graduate training, there is less to pay back once the doctorate program is completed.

Job Prospects in Montana for Psychology Professionals

If one is lucky enough to find employment in the industrial-organizational sector, then salaries can grow to $80,000 and beyond, but the median wage for most psychologists in this state is around $47,500.

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