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Athletic fields at Colorado State University
Athletic fields at Colorado State University, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Colorado?

Colorado is a small but prestigious center for psychological studies, offering over 25 schools with degree programs of some kind for students of the subject matter. With 5 million people, and more than 610,000 in Denver alone, there are many opportunities in this great state.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Home to the Denver Broncos and other professional sports teams, Colorado equips many psychology students to work within the field of sports psychology, one of few locations in the country to offer a special program for this oft-overlooked field. Counseling, forensics, clinical psychology, and industrial-organizational consultation are also popular fields.

Doctoral degrees may also be pursued in a wide variety of fields at many psychology schools in Colorado, along with undergraduate degrees and certifications as well as the master’s degree. Certificates often act as a primer in much the same way an associate’s degree would in other parts of the country.

Job Prospects in Colorado for Psychology Professionals

A doctorate is required to attain a license from the Board of Examiners within state boundaries. The median annual wage is north of $90,000, making Colorado one of the higher paying states in the country for this profession, though some may earn more ($102,000 is common) and some less (just under $70,000).

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