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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Vermont?

Being as small as it is — the state capital has only 9,000 citizens — Vermont has a surprising amount of opportunity for psychologists. The region embraces the profession with over 15 accredited schools and universities offering degree programs. It also has a healthy pay scale.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Of the over 15 psychology schools in Vermont, all offer strong undergraduate programs. But only one university will allow the aspiring psychologist to finish his education.

The University of Vermont offers Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology, human behavioral psychopharmacology, social psychology, developmental psychology and biobehavioral/neuroscience. The school is all encompassing of virtually every avenue the aspiring psychologist may wish to pursue.

Job Prospects in Vermont for Psychology Professionals

The annual median wage for psychologists in Vermont is a respectable $69,000, especially considering the small size in both land and population that the location offers. Employment options are more difficult to come by, but many Vermont-trained psychologists are able to find successful careers in nearby metropolitan locales.

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