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University of Connecticut

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Connecticut?

Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the U.S., but even with just 3.5 million people (as of the 2010 Census), it is a breeding ground for the top psychologists in the country. Featuring over 30 schools with psychology programs, the state offers just as much opportunity as other bigger locations, such as Colorado, which is nearly twice its size.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The largest metropolis in Connecticut is Bridgeport, so while job opportunities may be somewhat limited, the opportunities created by attaining a degree within the state border is not. The University of Connecticut offers one of the best PhD programs in the country for clinical psychologists and industrial-organizational psychologists.

You may also choose from master’s degrees in a wide array of specialties across many psychology schools in Connecticut as well as the token bachelor’s degree and associate degree/certification programs that can be great for networking and experience building.

Job Prospects in Connecticut for Psychology Professionals

The size of Connecticut somewhat limits your ability to work within the state, though those who practice out of Bridgeport and other cities report an annual median wage of around $74,000, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Licensing requires a doctorate degree and adherence to licensure standards from the American Psychological Association.

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