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Brigham Young University
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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Utah?

Utah offers a wide living area, but only three million people within its borders. As such, there is plenty in way of privacy and freedom, but far less when it comes to educational and employment opportunities for psychologists. Nevertheless, what the state does offer is of the highest quality.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Counseling and education are two of the most popular areas of study for psychology majors in the state. There are only a dozen psychology schools in Utah, and most of them focus on undergraduate and graduate work.

Brigham Young University, the University of Utah and Utah State are the only three schools which offer doctorate degrees. Nevertheless, their reputations in this field are widely respected.

Job Prospects in Utah for Psychology Professionals

If you enjoy wide open spaces and a slower pace of life, then you’ll love Utah. If you work as a psychologist here, you can expect to earn anywhere from the low to high $60,000 range. Industrial-organizational psychologists can earn much more, but those jobs are few within the state.

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