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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Utah?

According to the American Psychological Association, the demand for psychologists in Utah is expected to rise 18.4% by 2030, meaning that there will be plenty of need for psychologists, and plenty of job opportunities, in the years to come.

Utah itself also has plenty of appeal as it is frequently ranked as the best state economy and the best state for economic outlook in the US. The state also provides plenty of possibilities for a strong work-life balance, offering a ton of natural beauty and outdoor recreation for great leisure opportunities.

Psychology Schools in Utah

Utah offers a variety of great schooling options for aspiring psychologists. According to US News & World Report, Utah features three of the top 150 best psychology schools in the country. University of Utah, Brigham Young University-Provo and Utah State University all made the list, at 75, 131 and 148, respectively. There are also several other options with a total of 10 schools in the state that offer at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

For those interested in online programs, there are multiple options as well, including those offered through the University of Utah and Utah State University. Meanwhile, a variety of universities, hospitals and behavioral health centers provide for many internship opportunities in Utah, making it easier to gain valuable experience needed for licensure.

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Job Prospects in Utah for Psychology Professionals

Licensed Psychologists in Utah have several career options, including a child, family and school social worker, clinical, counseling and school psychologist, and behavioral disorder and substance abuse counselor. The Utah Department of Workforce Services gives the clinical, counseling and school psychologist path a five-star rating for occupation outlook, as the career presents a projected 3.73% annual growth rate.

The social work career path is given a four-star rating with a 2.92% annual growth rate, and the behavioral disorder and substance abuse counselor path has a three-star rating with a 4.23% annual growth rate. Altogether, projections for psychology career options are very promising in Utah, offering plenty of opportunity and security.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers from May 2020, clinical, counseling and school psychologists in Utah made an annual mean wage of $79,780. This compares to a national mean annual wage of $89,290. In the same period, all other psychologists in the state made an annual mean wage of $93,280. This compares to a national mean annual wage of $100,130. Wages in Utah can vary greatly depending on the area, as clinical, counseling and school psychologists in the Provo-Orem area had a mean annual wage of $96,080, well above the mean in the state.

Utah Psychology Licensing and Certification Requirements

Licensing in Utah is managed through the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. All psychologists in Utah must have a doctorate degree in order to be licensed. Candidates for a license must have completed at least 4,000 hours of training in at least two years under a qualified supervisor. Candidates must also be qualified to carry out mental health therapy and document at least 1,000 hours of supervised training after obtaining a master’s degree. These 1,000 hours may be used toward the 4,000-hour requirement.

Once meeting all the educational and training requirements, candidates must take two exams before applying for licensure. The national Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards and covers eight topics, including biological bases of behavior, growth and lifespan development and cognitive-affective bases of behavior. The Utah Psychologist Law and Ethics Exam is administered by the state’s exam vendor, Prov, and focuses on professional ethics and responsibilities.

Licenses must be renewed after two years. To be eligible for renewal, you must complete 48 hours of continuing education that is directly related to your field. Six of these hours must be focused on the subjects of ethics and law.

Where in Utah do You Want to Study?

Utah Psychology Resources

Utah Psychological Association (UPA) – UPA’s mission is to promote the development of psychology in the state through professional education, networking, and legislative advocacy. UPA acts as a supportive resource for psychologists throughout the state and provides members with an email list, conferences and workshops, networking opportunities and a client referral service.

Utah Association of School Psychologists (UASP) – UASP is dedicated to empowering school psychologists in Utah by advocating for school psychologists and children to advance the practices and research used in the profession. The association advocates for students’ mental health and needs, prevention and intervention strategies, and evidence-based innovations in schools.

Utah Counseling Association – The Utah Counseling Association is a chapter of the American Counseling Association and consists of counseling and human development professionals employed in education, health care, private practice, government and businesses settings. The organization works to promote growth in the counseling and human development fields, offering conferences and resources for counselors in the state.

Utah Association for Women in Psychology – The Utah Association for Women in Psychology works to provide education, networking opportunities and resources for psychologists to build a community that focuses on the intersection between mental health and social justice. In addition, the association hosts programming sessions on subjects focused on mental health and social justice. The organization’s vision is “equitable access to mental health and well-being for all.”

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