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University of Washington in Spring
University of Washington in Spring

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Washington?

Washington State, located near the northwestern most corner of the United States, is a state of considerable beauty as well as industrial modernization. It’s the perfect place to live and work if you’re an aspiring psychologist with a taste for the great outdoors.

Educational Programs and Specialities

There are over 40 schools in Washington State that offer accredited psychology programs. Of those schools, only a handful offer full-service psychology programs from undergraduate to doctorate work. The University of Washington leads the way with at least 6 different areas of doctorate specialization.

Where you choose to specialize is entirely up to you, but some of the options you may choose from are: human development and cognition, learning sciences, school psychology, adult clinical, child clinical, and even animal behavior!

Job Prospects in Washington for Psychology Professionals

After attending a psychology school in Washington you’ll be interested to learn that your job prospects are good. Working within the state means you can expect to earn an annual median wage of around $76,000. This number may fluctuate depending on location and type of work. Seattle and Portland are two of the psychology employment hotbeds.

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