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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Nebraska?

Nebraska, a mostly rural and agricultural state, has not been a bastion of psychology in the past, but recent developments have seen a move by psychologists to get their profession recognized as a form of primary care provision and the future looks promising. With over 25 accredited psychology schools in Nebraska offering programs for majors, there is a lot of opportunity to go along with the room for growth.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Most of the 25+ school programs in Nebraska are for the up-and-coming psychologist or those looking into the profession as a curiosity. Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are the norm with associates’ degrees and certificate training a close second.

In order to finish up your psychology education in state, it is recommended you try for a doctor of philosophy degree at either the Lincoln or Omaha campuses of the University of Nebraska, which also offers extensive undergraduate work.

Job Prospects in Nebraska for Psychology Professionals

Nebraska is one of the lower paying states for psychology majors with an annual median wage of $56,000. The lower cost of living is a bonus, as is the loan forgiveness program for those working in shortage areas.

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