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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a state that barely broaches 1 million in terms of population. But if trends of the last 10 years are any guide, this number will continue to grow, as will the opportunities in the islands for psychology students and professionals.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Students interested in pursuing a psychology major don’t have a lot of choices for psychology schools in Hawaii, since the state has only seven accredited programs and only one school that offers doctorate programs. Nevertheless, the quality of both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are widely regarded.

Top upper degree programs within the state include doctorates in psychology as well as the PhD in educational psychology offered at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Pursuit of a degree in Hawaii equips one to excel in every other state in the Union.

Job Prospects in Hawaii for Psychology Professionals

The job market for psychologists in Hawaii is not quite as plentiful as it is in other parts of the country. With only one major metropolitan area (Honolulu), it’s easy to see why. To work here, one must still attain a doctoral degree and pass the Psychology Board’s licensing exam.

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