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Duke University
Duke University

Why Choose to Study Psychology in North Carolina?

In spite of a bad economy the last several years, North Carolina has been an area of surprising growth. To go along with the fantastic temperate climate and the growing job opportunities, psychologists are finding this east coast state to be most hospitable.

Educational Programs and Specialities

There are over 80 psychology schools in North Carolina with accredited psychology programs. What this means for the psychology major is that, no matter what area you specialize in, there is a quality education and a stepping stone to rewarding job opportunities ahead.

Duke, North Carolina State, East Carolina and the three main University of North Carolina campuses offer exciting and diverse doctorate opportunities. Meanwhile, a number of additional colleges and universities can aid you in attaining a quality and affordable undergraduate and graduate education.

Job Prospects in North Carolina for Psychology Professionals

Industrial-organizational psychology is the place to be when it comes to psychology in North Carolina. Pros in this sub-field average $110,000 per year. Other sub-fields of psychology, while not paying this much on average, still do extremely well compared to other U.S. states.

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