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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Washington, DC?

The District of Columbia has a population of just over 720,000, but that doesn’t mean students are without options when it comes to the pursuit of a psychology degree. In fact, per capita, the nation’s capital has some of the most opportunities anywhere for psychology majors.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Washington, DC, houses nine schools with strong psychology programs. Many of these institutions offer a full range of degree plans from undergraduate to doctorates in philosophy and education within the psychology field.

The steady growth patterns over the last decade make the District of Columbia a promising place for current and future psychology students. Besides the high caliber of psychology schools in DC, it is also a place with many non-profit organizations which offer networking and experience building opportunities.

Job Prospects in District of Columbia for Psychology Professionals

The high cost of living and comparatively low annual median wage (approximately $67,000) may not make the District of Columbia a great place to settle, but the educational and practical experience available could prove perfect for future employment.

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