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University of Oregon
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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Oregon?

Today Oregon is known mostly for its various outdoor wonders and its strong college football program, but it has always been known as a friend to the psychologist. Whether you are looking for a career, training in the field or a quality classroom education, this state has it all.

Educational Programs and Specialities

There are over 30 accredited psychology schools in Oregon. Most offer an associate’s and/or bachelor’s degree option, while five schools champion the graduate degree program.

The most popular full-service schools for psychologists are the University of Oregon and Oregon State, but Portland State, George Fox University and Pacific University are all worthy alternatives.

Job Prospects in Oregon for Psychology Professionals

If you plan to work in clinical psychology, counseling or education, then you can expect to earn around $64,000 per year. Industrial-organizational psychologists, however, can earn an average of $87,000, sometimes much more. See the Oregon Psychological Association for support.

Featured Psychology Schools

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