Doctorate in Psychology

Why Pursue a Doctorate Degree in Psychology?

The Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) works to ensure that all graduates are prepared for life after their educational careers. Whether pursuing a Psy.D. degree in clinical, educational or counseling psychology, a graduate is ready for the career path he has chosen.

Therapy, diagnosis, analysis, evaluation and testing, are all part of the training, which makes these candidates equipped to work with children as well as in industrial, educational and government settings.

A doctorate in psychology is rigorous, often requiring a doctoral dissertation and at least two years of supervised practice in a clinical setting. The program may take up to 7 years to complete as students learn how to apply the theories and techniques they have learned throughout their educational journey.

By the end of that journey, however, they are equipped for independent practice and they enjoy the most marketability from a job and salary perspective. It is not unusual for graduates with a doctorate in psychology to earn north of $100,000 per year. Private practice psychologists earn well beyond this figure.