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Why Choose to Study Psychology in North Dakota?

Considering that nine-tenths of North Dakota’s landscape serves the agricultural community, you might think the state offers little in way of opportunity for psychology students and professionals. While not as abundant as other more metropolitan areas, you may be surprised by the quality of the psychology schools in North Dakota.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The educational choices in North Dakota are limited to just over ten accredited schools offering programs in psychology and its specialties. For doctoral degree work in-state, you must attend the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

Despite the limited options, however, North Dakota delivers some of the highest quality programs in the nation. Counseling, mental health nursing, educational specialization and even preparation for the industrial-organizational sector are available.

Job Prospects in North Dakota for Psychology Professionals

School, clinical and counseling psychologist positions are the most common in North Dakota. The annual median wage for this low cost-of-living state is around $55,000, meaning that you will not earn as much as in more industrialized parts of the country, but a paycheck will go much further.

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