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School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas
School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Arkansas?

Arkansas is a very pro psychology state, boasting 19 schools offering degree programs within a state that houses only 3 million people. Aiding the psychology major is a booming health care industry within the region that often employs professionals of the behavioral sciences in a variety of capacities.

Educational counseling jobs are also in high demand here. If you want to make a good salary in a highly affordable state and help others in the process, then the Natural State is your answer.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The Arkansas Academic Challenge and a few other grant opportunities provide significant financial aid to pursue an education in one of the lowest cost areas of the country. While there are numerous bachelor’s and master’s degree opportunities at the many different psychology schools in Arkansas, the University of Central Arkansas offers the only doctor of philosophy program in the state, specializing in school psychology.

Even though you would likely have to finish your education out of state, Arkansas welcomes the behavioral science professional with healthy areas of industry in Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock, the state’s capitol.

Job Prospects in Arkansas for Psychology Professionals

Salaries range from about $70,000 per year on the low end to $102,000 on the high end. The sector you work in makes a significant difference. Health care professionals and consultants to industry and organization perform best, though opportunities are more scarce in the latter.

But $102,000 in Little Rock, Ark., would be the same as $192,000 in New York, N.Y., according to However, one earning the high end number in Arkansas would likely only receive $135,000 for the same position in the Big Apple.

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