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There are many options for students when it comes to earning an undergraduate degree in psychology. Some programs are general, broad foundations in psychology. Others focus more heavily on the research and analysis aspects. Others prepare students to pursue advanced degrees or professional licenses.

HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) provide an attractive option for students who want to focus on the Black experience, women’s experience, or a multicultural perspective. These programs often offer specific courses like Black psychology or multicultural issues in psychology. Also, the faculty are typically diverse and highly-qualified.

We evaluated HBCUs across the US and used our rigorous six-point metric system to rank what we believe are the TOP 20 HBCU PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAMS in the US.

However, since we know each student has their own unique educational requirements, we have also included detailed information for each school so you can choose the program that works best for you!

Why Pursue a Bachelor's in Psychology?

Career opportunities for psychology graduates are booming, especially for students who pursue graduate degrees beyond the bachelor’s. But probably an even greater draw to the field is the diversity in outlook. Graduates with psychology degrees can find themselves in a multitude of exciting career settings:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Private corporations
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Higher ed

Beginning with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can take you anywhere from working with children in high needs schools to family counseling in urban centers and everything in between.

What Are the Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities for Psychology Students in 2021? Here is a Snapshot of Our Top 10:

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# 1Howard University

Location: Washington, DC    Cost/Term: $24,966    Acceptance Rate: 32%    Graduation Rate: 60%

Howard University offers a B.S. in Psychology at their Washington, D.C. campus. The school focuses on scholarship, research, and service. In fact, the school has received multiple grants from the National Science Foundation for research. Students get to participate in this exciting program.

To earn the degree, students must complete the required psychology coursework. Students will get a strong foundation in research through courses like research design & analysis, statistics, and qualitative research methods. Of course, general psychology courses are also required, including work in cognitive, developmental, and neuropsychology.

The psychology degree program from Howard is an excellent choice for students who want real-world research experience and want to pursue psychology-related careers. The low student-to-teacher ratio ensures a high-quality education in an intimate learning environment.

# 2Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Location: Tallahassee, FL    Cost per Term: $3,152    Acceptance Rate: 39%    Graduation Rate: 41%

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) provides both a B.A. and a B.S. in Psychology in sunny Florida. The Bachelors of Arts has an additional requirement for foreign languages. Either program is an excellent foundation for students to pursue advanced degrees.

The degree program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours to graduate. Students will take core psychology courses, including research design & methods. Other requirements include coursework in applied psychology, biological psychology, and social/personality psychology.

FAMU offers an inexpensive degree program that provides a solid foundation in psychology. Many of the students continue to seek advanced degrees after graduation.

# 3Spelman College

Location: Atlanta, GA    Cost/Term: $25,151    Acceptance Rate: 40%    Graduation Rate: 77%

Spelman College offers students a Psychology Major undergraduate degree at their campus in Atlanta, GA. The school places additional emphasis on learning theories and principles related to both women and the African American experience. Students will receive a solid foundation of psychological studies and apply them to individuals, groups, and the world.

The curriculum requires 24 hours of psychology courses and 20 hours of sociocultural psychology electives. Students will receive training and instruction in reading, writing, and critical analysis. Various labs offer students the opportunity to get hands-on experience and learning. The school boasts a low student-to-teacher ratio, which ensures a more intimate educational experience.

The degree offers two concentrations. The field-intensive program in mental health provides students with real-world experience. The program also offers a concentration in neuroscience, which focuses on understanding how the brain works.

# 4Bowie State University

Location: Bowie, MD    Cost/Term: $5,536    Acceptance Rate: 38%    Graduation Rate: 37%

Bowie State University offers a Psychology Major undergraduate degree. Students will gain valuable knowledge in diversity, human development, thought, and behavior in both the classroom and through hands-on experience. This program has a track record of successful education for over 50 years.

The degree’s curriculum emphasizes both research and data analysis. Students will combine liberal arts with core psychology classes. Students have the option of a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts. The Bachelor of Arts also requires study of a foreign language. However, in either program, students must complete 120 credit hours of psychology coursework.

The program from Bowie is an excellent choice for students that want a solid foundation in psychology. The program prepares students to be both scholars and practitioners.

# 5Winston-Salem State University

Location: Winston-Salem, NC    Cost/Term: $3,401    Acceptance Rate: 65%    Graduation Rate: 47%

Winston-Salem State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology combined with a liberal arts background. The program prepares students to pursue graduate-level work in psychology. Some students do start working in non-professional positions after graduate as well.

The degree program requires 50 total credit hours. These hours include statistics, foundational psychology, and a track specialization. Students can choose from the following tracks:

  • Biological and Cognitive
  • Social and Developmental
  • Mental Health and Wellness

This degree offering is an excellent choice for those students who want to learn about human behavior and how the brain works. Graduates gain valuable critical thinking skills and research experience.

# 6Delaware State University

Location: Dover, DE    Cost/Term: $7,038    Acceptance Rate: 49%    Graduation Rate: 43%

Delaware State University offers an exciting, hands-on BS in Psychology degree program where students will participate in research projects and get involved as volunteers at counseling centers. The program also emphasizes how multicultural factors converge with psychology.

Graduating with this degree requires the completion of 120 credit hours. Required courses include statistics, scientific methods, and a variety of psychology courses. Students will study developmental, experimental, and abnormal psychology.

This undergraduate program is an excellent choice for those students who want the academic background necessary to pursue research, scholarship, and practice, and the skills gained in research, writing, and relationships will benefit students no matter their chosen career path. Delaware State also offers an Online BS in Psychology Program as well as a Healing Trauma from an African-Centered Healing Approach Certificate Program.

# 7Florida Memorial University

Location: Miami, FL    Cost/Term: $12,576   Acceptance Rate: 33%    Graduation Rate: 38%

Florida Memorial University offers a BS in Psychology in Miami, FL. Students will learn theories, techniques, principles, and concepts of psychology. In doing so, they will gain valuable knowledge required to understand the nature and causes of mental disorders.

Students must complete 122 credits for graduation. Sample courses from the curriculum include research methods, personality theory, and the psychology of learning. Also, students will gain valuable skills in statistics, clinical interviewing, and group dynamics.

This degree is an excellent program for those students who want broad exposure to various psychology concepts. Sexuality, human emotions, and psychological development are critical areas of study. Also, students will learn the clinical aspects of psychological disorders.

# 8Southern University and A & M College

Location: Baton Rouge, LA     Cost/Term: $4,973    Acceptance Rate: 31%    Graduation Rate: 29%

Southern University and A & M College offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. This program emphasizes justice and equality. It prepares students to understand human behavior and mental processes.

Students must complete 45 hours of psychology coursework. There are two separate tracks available for students to choose from, including prevention and substance abuse counseling. Statistics, psychological testing, and physiological psychology are sample courses.

This program is 100% offered online through the school’s learning management system. Students who want an education in psychology from the convenience of their home will find this program an excellent choice. Furthermore, the tuition costs are very affordable. Read more.

# 9North Carolina A & T State University

Location: Greensboro, NC    Cost/Term: $3,540    Acceptance Rate: 61%    Graduation Rate: 43%

North Carolina A & T State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The school designed the program to prepare students for either graduate work or non-professional careers. While earning their degree, students will also engage in various internship opportunities for real-world experience.

The degree program requires 120 semester hours from students. Sample coursework includes psychological testing, sensation and perception, and neuropsychology. In addition, students will take classes in forensic psychology, memory and cognition, and human motivation.

There are many student organizations to choose from that provide additional learning opportunities, and many students develop lifelong relationships with their friends and colleagues.

# 10North Carolina Central University

Location: Durham, NC    Cost/Term: $3,728    Acceptance Rate: 47%    Graduation Rate: 43%

North Carolina Central University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology to students online. This program teaches both analytical skills and interpersonal skills. Students can expect an excellent education from the diverse and highly-qualified faculty here. The focus of the program is on self-development and human diversity.

The program requires 120 total credits for graduation. Students will receive a liberal arts background and a foundation in psychology. The curriculum includes studies in statistics as well as both clinical and applied psychology. Students will gain knowledge about human behavior and how the brain works.

This degree program is a fine choice for people who want an online psychology degree with a liberal arts background. Students will gain a solid foundation and have the option to pursue work or graduate studies.

# 11Morehouse College

Location: Atlanta, GA     Cost/Term: $25,368    Acceptance Rate: 58%    Graduation Rate: 50%

Morehouse College offers both a B.A. and a B.S. in Psychology in Atlanta, GA. The Bachelor of Arts provides students with a broader set of classes. The B.S. is perfect for students pursuing pre-medical advanced degrees. Both programs provide a strong foundation for advanced psychology degrees or work in social services.

The B.A. program requires 52 hours of psychology coursework, while the B.S. requires 54. Students in either program will take courses like research methods, statistics, and critical thinking. Other classes include abnormal, educational, and developmental psychology.

This undergraduate degree is an attractive choice for students who want a broad psychology education emphasizing African American and other multicultural experiences.

# 12Elizabeth City State University

Location: Elizabeth City, NC    Cost/Term: $1,000    Acceptance Rate: 59%    Graduation Rate: 37%

Elizabeth City State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The program equips students to think critically and qualitatively. Moreover, the rigorous coursework also prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in psychology.

Completion of the degree program requires 120 credit hours, with 45 credits in core psychology. Required classes include statistics and research design, psychological tests and measurement, as well as learning and cognition. Also, electives include coursework in experimental/physiological, personality/social, or applications in psychology.

This program is an excellent and highly-affordable choice for students who want to understand the intricacies of human behavior and thought. Students will prepare to tackle psychological problems in local, national, and international contexts. Also, many graduates choose to continue their education with advanced degrees.

# 13Johnson C. Smith University

Location: Charlotte, NC    Cost/Term: $15,466    Acceptance Rate: 45%    Graduation Rate: 51%

Johnson C. Smith University offers an undergraduate degree in psychology at their campus in Charlotte, NC. The program equips students to understand mental processes and human behaviors, including the nature of mental disorders and addictions. This degree program provides a broad liberal arts education with a focus on psychology.

Popular classes include consumer behavior, abnormal psychology, and Black psychology. Students may choose a specialization in one of three concentrations: Applied Psychology, Biomedical, or Development.

This degree program is an excellent choice for students who want a liberal arts psychology education while learning new technologies and different world views. The faculty equips students with critical thinking skills as they go out into the world. Graduates can continue with advanced degrees or seek employment in the workforce.

# 14Lincoln University

Location: Lincoln University, PA    Cost/Term: $6,270   Acceptance Rate: 49%    Graduation Rate: 43%

Lincoln University offers both a B.S. and a B.A. in Psychology. The program’s goal is to equip students for careers in behavior science or for pursuing advanced degrees. Graduates will gain both the knowledge and skills necessary for critical thinking and understanding human behavior.

Graduation from this program requires 44 credit hours in psychology. Core courses include developmental, abnormal, and Black psychology. Also, students will learn how to design and analyze research projects.

This degree is an excellent choice for students who want experiential learning and the application of psychology in a multicultural environment. As part of this program, students will develop and conduct a research project, as well as learn to apply traditional psychological theory to different cultures worldwide.

# 15
Hampton University

Location: Hampton, VA    Cost/Term: $23,762    Acceptance Rate: 44%    Graduation Rate: 55%

Hampton University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The committed faculty provides exceptional education both inside and outside the classroom, with research and internship experiences playing vital roles in the program.

This undergraduate degree requires 120 credit hours, including 14 classes in psychology. Typical courses include social psychology, theories of personality, and statistics. The program also offers innovative electives such as the psychology of trauma and addiction, marriage and family, and intimate relationships.

This program is an attractive option for students who want a foundation in psychology and want to pursue a medical career. In fact, the school provides a pre-medical concentration for those students.

# 16University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Location: Princess Anne, MD    Cost/Term: $5,312    Acceptance Rate: 54%    Graduation Rate: 36%

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore offers a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology. This program equips students in the art and science of rehabilitation, teaching the history, ethics, and legal issues involved.

Courses include theories of counseling, case management, and human relations in rehabilitation. Students will also gain valuable skills in helping people overcome addictions. In fact, the program teaches students the pharmacology of chemical dependency. With a focus on practical experience, the degree also requires 300 hours of supervised work in the field.

This degree program is an attractive option for students who want to pursue careers in rehabilitation. Graduates of the program will receive the knowledge and skills to truly make a difference in their communities.

# 17South Carolina State University

Location: Orangeburg, SC    Cost/Term: $9,528    Acceptance Rate: 53%    Graduation Rate: 38%

South Carolina State University offers a B.S. in Psychology. The school trains students in strong analytical and reasoning skills, and scientific research and analysis are critical aspects of the curriculum.

The psychology degree requires 126 credits for graduation. Students in the program will take classes like child psychology, human sexuality, and applied psychology. The program equips students to understand human personalities and to perform psychological testing.

This psychology program is an attractive opportunity for students who want broad exposure to psychological concepts. The program teaches theory, empirical skills, and practical skills, granting students a strong foundation in psychology for work or further studies.

# 18Claflin University

Location: Orangeburg, SC     Cost/Term: $16,152    Acceptance Rate: 56%    Graduation Rate: 56%

Claflin University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The program provides a broad, interdisciplinary foundation in research and application.

Students will learn theories, methods, and practices, with research and analysis as critical aspects of training. This makes Claflin is an excellent option for students who want to pursue advanced psychology degrees in graduate school.

The degree requires 120 credits for graduation. Classes include statistics, research fundamentals, and developmental psychology. Students also take other courses like theories of aging, mental health, and experimental psychology.

Claflin also offers two student organizations: The Psychology Club and Psi Chi. Both organizations provide extracurricular opportunities for more education, social activities, and community service.

# 19Oakwood University

Location: Huntsville, AL    Cost: $18,786    Acceptance Rate: 66%    Graduation Rate: 47%

Oakwood University offers both a B.S. and B.A. Degree in Psychology. This degree program prepares students to pursue a professional license or certification to practice in the field. Students will learn all the necessary sub-fields within psychology and gain a liberal arts education.

Students must complete 42 hours of psychology coursework. Courses include social psychology, statistical methods, and group dynamics. The program equips students to understand and explain psychological issues. Also, students will learn to identify and treat abnormal behaviors. Graduates will be prepared for careers in human services, among other fields.

A degree from Oakwood is an attractive option for students who want to become professionals in psychology. The liberal arts education and the psychological foundation is the first step in pursuing licensure. The school and faculty assist every step of the way.

# 20Xavier University of Louisiana

Location: New Orleans, LA    Cost/Term: $21,954    Acceptance Rate: 58%    Graduation Rate: 41%

The Xavier University of Louisiana offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The program teaches the mastery of the foundations in psychological science. Students become equipped in critical thinking, writing, and research design.

This program offers three distinct tracks: Psychological Science, Psychology Premedical, and Neuroscience. The Psychological Science track is for students who want a general psychological foundation to pursue graduate school. The Pre-medical track is for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees or careers in the medical field.

The program offers courses in theoretical research, applied research, and multicultural studies. Typical classes include research methods, social psychology, and psychotherapies. Other class options include health psychology, disorders of the brain, and forensic psychology. Also, students must complete a practicum of fieldwork.

This degree offering is an attractive choice for students who want a strong foundation in psychology and want to continue their education with an advanced degree.

Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities for Psychology Students