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Psychology Degree Guide provides an online directory of psychology schools, degrees and career resources. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive resource online for psychology students to:

Search for psychology programs by location, degree level and/or subject

Research and compare psychology schools

Learn more about the field of psychology

Explore psychology educational and career paths

We’re here to help you find the psychology degree program that’s right for you, and deliver the educational resources you’ll need to reach your goals. Prospective students can learn more about psychology careers and degrees by please visiting our Psychology Careers Resource Center.

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Why We Created Psychology Degree Guide

Psychology Degree Guide is a free resource provided for the benefit of students and created by a small group of friends who share a fascination with psychology and saw an opportunity to create a valuable service.

We were inspired to create the site in 2010 when we noticed that no one was really providing a service like the one we offer, but that it was something that many students could really use.

While we strive to be the most comprehensive directory of psychology programs online, we always welcome the feedback of students, professors and educators regarding updates to the degree programs we list.

Psychology Degree Guide is not a college or university, is not affiliated with any institution and we will never charge students or schools to use this site. If you want to know more about how the site is maintained, please read our privacy policy or terms of service.

How is Our Database of Schools Created?

The information we display is based on public data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. We then sort and organize this vast collection of data in order to bring you the most accurate and extensive directory of psychology schools and programs in the United States.

When viewing our school listings, you may wonder how we’ve calculated some of our numbers. The tuition information provided for each school is based on the average per-year cost of a 4-year undergraduate degree at the institution. Likewise, the student:teacher ratio is also based on undergraduate statistics for each school.

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Psychology Degree Guide provides a searchable database of schools, degrees, accreditations, programs and career resources. Currently, our database features over 6000 psychology programs from over 1600 schools.

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