Psychology Programs in Wisconsin

Welcome to Wisconsin
Welcome to Wisconsin

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Wisconsin?

The Dairy State offers the best of rural and contemporary environments. With Madison and Milwaukee as two key metropolitan areas, psychologists have a great starting point for education and employment to look towards in Wisconsin.

Educational Programs and Specialities

There are almost 50 psychology schools in Wisconsin offering accredited programs to students. The University of Wisconsin alone boasts 7 specialized Ph.D programs for the aspiring professional to choose from, but this is by no means exhaustive.

Education and counseling are two very popular areas of specialization, while industrial-organizational employment opportunities receive a big boost from the state’s metropolitan centers. Health care is also a popular psychology specialization.

Job Prospects in Wisconsin for Psychology Professionals

Working in industry and organization will typically earn an annual mean wage of more than $80,000. Lower paying but more hiring-oriented sectors, such as counseling and education, pay in the mid-$60,000 range.

Where in Wisconsin do You Want to Study?

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