Psychology Programs in New Hampshire

Commencement ceremonies at the University of New Hampshire
Commencement ceremonies at the University of New Hampshire, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire, one of the original 13 colonies of the United States, offers a land of opportunity for the enterprising psychology student or professional. While it may be one of the smaller states in the union, it still offers almost 20 accredited schools with reputable psychology programs.

Educational Programs and Specialities

While only three of the psychology schools in New Hampshire allow for pursuit of a doctorate degree, all are renowned for their undergraduate and master’s programs. The University of New Hampshire, Dartmouth College and Antioch University New England all prepare the future psychologist for every stage of the profession.

To save on costs, many aspiring psychologists first try their hand at one of the smaller schools before putting in for a transfer. Dartmouth is the most prestigious, while the University of New Hampshire offers greater diversity among areas of specialization.

Job Prospects in New Hampshire for Psychology Professionals

Don’t let size fool you: the jobs here are very rewarding. With an annual median wage of $98,000, there are many opportunities to earn more depending on which sub-field you work within. Industrial-organizational psychology is one of the top-earning fields.

Where in New Hampshire do You Want to Study?

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