Psychology Programs in Missouri

Ellis Library at the University of Missouri
Ellis Library at the University of Missouri, Creative Commons License

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Missouri?

As the starting point for many explorers in the 1800s, including Lewis and Clark, Missouri was a place of opportunity and growth, and it remains so today for those in the psychology profession or for students seeking their licenses. Boasting almost 50 accredited schools offering psychology programs and one of the highest annual median wages in the country, Missouri is the place to be for psychologists from all over.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The many psychology schools in Missouri available to interested students offer a wide range of degree and certificate opportunities. If you are unsure whether this is the right profession, then why not get started with an associate’s degree or certificate of specialization?

Once you are certain that you have a taste for it, you can move on to bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree programs at any of the major universities. Since you will need a doctorate to practice independently, it just makes sense to choose Missouri for the long haul of that educational journey.

Job Prospects in Missouri for Psychology Professionals

The job market here is very competitive, and when one considers the $108,000 annual median wage, it is easy to see why. Professionals in the industrial-organizational field can earn even more. Check with the Missouri Committee of Psychologists for detailed licensing standards.

Where in Missouri do You Want to Study?

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