Psychology Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi state sign located on Interstate 20
Mississippi state sign located on Interstate 20, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Mississippi?

Mississippi is known as a mostly rural state with only 3 million people and a handful of metropolitan centers. On the educational spectrum, particularly as it relates to psychology, it does offer multiple opportunities to complete your training and prepare for your career.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Considering the lack of size that Mississippi has, the more than 20 accredited schools which offer psychology programs is quite impressive. Delta State, Jackson State, Mississipi State, Southern Mississippi and the University of Mississippi all offer doctoral opportunities.

To save on the cost of an education in psychology, since most states require doctorate degrees for approved licensure, students are likely to start at one of the smaller psychology schools in Mississippi before transferring to one of the Big 5 that offer doctorate programs.

Job Prospects in Mississippi for Psychology Professionals

The median annual wage in Mississippi is quite low compared to other places in the nation at just $45,000. While cost of living is extremely low compared to some regions, opportunities for employment are not as impressive as in other areas throughout the south. You will need a doctorate degree and successful completion of the state exam as administered by the Board of Psychology to attain a license.

Where in Mississippi do You Want to Study?

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