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Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Last Updated: August 16, 2021
Michigan is a beautiful northern state flanked by the Great Lakes, as well as a hotspot for the automotive and agricultural industries. As luck would have it, this gorgeous state is also an excellent location for the study and practice of psychology.

Psychology schools in Michigan offer some of the best programs in the United States. In addition, studying psychology in Michigan can provide an array of opportunities for your professional future.

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Michigan?

Michigan is so fast-growing that it’s ranked at number 5 nationally for economic opportunities, due to its high levels of affordability and income equality. Michigan is also ranked the third most affordable state to live and work in and 15th in terms of job equality overall. It provides a huge wealth of post-schooling opportunities, including a quickly-growing demand for psychologists.

Additionally, Michigan ranks in the top 15 states for psychology degrees awarded, with more than 1,800 bachelor’s degrees and more than 300 master’s degrees in psychology awarded in 2019 alone. Many of these schools are directly accredited by the APA or the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System, if not both.

With average costs for attending a four-year program only slightly higher than the national average, you can receive an excellent education at a competitive price.

Job Prospects in Michigan for Psychology Professionals

While Michigan is not the most popular state for psychologists to practice, this can actually be an advantage because that means it’s less competitive than other regions. The imbalance in supply and demand for psychology professionals creates the potential for growth and opportunity.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a clinical, counseling, or school psychologist in non-metropolitan areas of Michigan is more than $108,000. This number is even higher in metropolitan areas, with salaries extending into the range of $138,000 or more.

The average annual salary for social workers is around $51,760, and the projected job growth for psychologists overall in Michigan between 2018-2028 is 7.7%. This is lower than some other states, but it’s stable and shows a steady demand for workers in the psychology field.

You can also find numerous job opportunities for psychologists in the Michigan state government, as well as a wide variety of internship opportunities for college students.

Psychology Licensing and Certification Requirements in Michigan

All psychologists in Michigan are required to be licensed by the Michigan Bureau of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. There is a $265 licensing fee for first-time applicants and a renewal fee of $205. The paperwork can be filed electronically via the state’s website.

The requirements to be a practicing psychologist in Michigan are:

  • Submit to a criminal background check
  • Answer a docket of “Good Moral Character” questions designed to show an ability to serve the public
  • Have federal training regarding human trafficking
  • Submit an evaluation form for a number of supervised hours, which depends on the level of licensure
  • Pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)
  • Provide personal identification information for record-keeping
  • Have proof of a valid degree from a reputable educational facility

A license for psychology in Michigan is valid for two years, after which it will need to be renewed within 90 days of expiration. These licenses are strictly monitored for the highest quality performance in the field, and renewing them within this period is mandatory to continue practicing psychology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top schools for psychology in Michigan?

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is one of the most highly rated psychology programs in the country; ranked number three nationally alongside the University of California Los Angeles and Yale. It also has the best behavioral neuroscience and experimental psychology programs in the country.

The other top schools for psychology in Michigan are the Michigan School of Psychology, Wayne State University, and Michigan State University.  All of these institutions have high-ranking programs for clinical and school psychology.

What Michigan-specific scholarships are available for psychology?

The Michigan School of Psychology awards four internal scholarship types to new and returning students every year, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 per scholarship. Many of these programs can be used together.

The University of Michigan offers awards and scholarships at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for psychology. They also offer awards for research.

A scholarship that is not school-specific in Michigan is the Women in Defense Michigan STEM scholarship, which is awarded to new college entrants every year and pays up to $2,000.

What Michigan-specific internships and fellowships are available for psychology?

The University of Michigan offers a postdoctoral fellowship for psychology majors. It’s a 12-month fellowship that aims to promote and support diverse scholars.

Michigan State University students have the opportunity to intern for many high-ranking psychological facilities including the CS Mott Children’s Hospital, Sunfield Center for Autism, ADHD, and Behavioral Health, and Thriving Minds Behavioral Health Center.

Where in Michigan do You Want to Study?

Michigan Psychology Resources

Michigan Psychological Association – A statewide organization for psychologists that provides resources, newsletters, and workshops designed to help psychologists better their skills in order to provide accessible care to the public. It consists of more than 600 psychologists and is the Michigan affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

Psychology Licensing Guide (Michigan) – Offers insight into the working world of a psychologist and the requirements necessary to build your practice.

Michigan School of Psychology – Provides a list of federal and local resources for aspiring psychologists as well as those who have already completed their education. Included on the list of resources you can find links to various sources from the American Psychological Association, the Child Mind Institute, SAMHSA, and the Weill Institute for Neurosciences.

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