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Northern Kentucky University
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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Kentucky?

History and the outdoors are two big attractions in the state of Kentucky. Not exactly the kind of place where you might imagine to also find over 35 schools that offer degree programs in psychology for the interested student, but that’s just what you can expect from that state that created bluegrass.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Spalding University, the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the University of Phoenix, all offer doctorate programs for psychologists as of 2021. The other accredited schools are great places to go for bachelors and masters degree work.

In addition to these degree opportunities, the educational specialist degree is another popular attraction as well as the associate’s and certificate training programs for those who are just starting out within the profession and are not quite sure it is for them.

Job Prospects in Kentucky for Psychology Professionals

The annual median wage for psychologists in Kentucky is slightly above $54,000, registering as one of the lowest in the nation per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, it is cheap to live in Kentucky and the educational programs are considered great resume builders for those looking to practice in other parts of the country.

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