Psychology Programs in Kansas

Kansas State University campus during the fall
Kansas State University campus during the fall, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Kansas?

Kansas delivers a similar outdoor recreational opportunity as well as around the same area and size of nearby Arkansas, but with three major metropolitan centers it offers even more opportunity for psychology students and professionals.

Educational Programs and Specialities

At the community college level, a student may “try out” the profession by enrolling in an associate’s degree or certificate training program and working as a volunteer for a non-profit organization. Should this experience in psychology be favorable, there are more advanced opportunities as well.

Pursuit of a bachelor’s or master’s degree at one of the many psychology schools in Kansas will culminate in a doctor of philosophy or education degree that will enable you to push through for full licensure. Animal, cognitive, social and industrial-organizational psychology are all popular sub-fields.

Job Prospects in Kansas for Psychology Professionals

The annual median wage of $58,150 is among the lowest in the nation, but Kansas also enjoys some of the lowest cost of living numbers of any other state in the Union. To become a psychologist here, you will need a doctorate degree and to pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology exam as administered by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board.

Where in Kansas do You Want to Study?

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