Psychology Programs in Iowa

Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University
Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Iowa?

Iowa is a state small in population but large in its support of the behavioral sciences and education in general. The largest city, Des Moines, has only 200,000 people, yet the state itself is home to almost 40 schools offering psychology degree programs.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Most degree programs that Iowa offers include bachelor’s and master’s degree plans, however if you want to finish up with a doctorate, there are only a handful of schools available. Iowa State University is among the most widely known for doctoral work in the psychology field.

State tuition grants and scholarships offer students a way to defray costs as they study at psychology schools in Iowa. There are also work study plans to help students with books, meals and tuition. The Iowa Grant is probably the most recognized of these opportunities.

Job Prospects in Iowa for Psychology Professionals

Iowa is considered on the lower tier of pay at just $62,000 for psychologists annually, but the low cost of living still makes it an attractive place to live and work. The Bureau of Professional Licensure will issue a license once the applicant has attained a doctorate degree and fulfilled other application requirements.

Where in Iowa do You Want to Study?

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