Psychology Programs in Indiana

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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Indiana?

Indiana, home to the Indianapolis Colts and the Indy 500, is a state of close to 7 million people. Within its borders are many top-notch opportunities for psychology students and professionals.

Educational Programs and Specialities

The 50 psychology schools in Indiana demonstrate tremendous support for the profession and are a major reason why students from all over the country come here to begin or finish their training. A doctor of psychology or doctor of philosophy in psychological sciences degree are among the most popular programs.

Starting out and developing one’s education in Indiana is also recommended as most every school has an associate’s and/or certificate training program to cultivate interest and expertise. Bachelor’s and master’s programs are also among the best in the country.

Job Prospects in Indiana for Psychology Professionals

While the annual median wage of around $62,000 per year is quite low compared to other parts of the country, there are much higher paying opportunities available in high-population areas, such as Indianapolis. Wherever you work, you’ll need to pass an exam from the State Psychology Board and have that doctorate degree completed.

Where in Indiana do You Want to Study?

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