Psychology Programs in Illinois

Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois
Northwestern University in Evanston, Creative Commons license

Why Choose to Study Psychology in Illinois?

Illinois, with a population of nearly 13 million people and one of the largest cities in the United States in Chicago, is a bustling place of arts, culture and science that breeds many opportunities for the psychology student and professional.

Educational Programs and Specialities

One of the most challenging things about getting a psychology education in Illinois is narrowing down the list of options that you have at your disposal. More than 80 psychology schools in Illinois offer a plethora of programs throughout the state with every degree option covered.

Doctor of psychology and education degrees are the most popular among students who wish to make their careers in the profession. Meanwhile, the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs offer prestigious platforms on which one can continue their education into law and other professional areas. Beginners also benefit from the diverse certificate training and associate’s degree programs.

Job Prospects in Illinois for Psychology Professionals

Working in a heavily populated area, such as Chicago or within the industrial-organizational field typically yields the best results with regards to pay. The annual median wage for psychologists in Illinois is approximately $73,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Where in Illinois do You Want to Study?

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