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Why Choose to Study Psychology in Alabama?

What Alabama lacks in size, it makes up for in diversity and quality of education. With more than 25 psychology schools in Alabama and a cost of living that is among the lowest in the nation, a practicing psychologist in this state can live a very rewarding life, both in terms of finance and fulfillment.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Clinical psychology and school counseling are two highly sought after professions within the state of Alabama. Rehabilitation and human development are also among the more popular uses of psychology. Many psychology schools in Alabama offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral opportunities.

In order to practice independently and have the best professional opportunity, you sill have to complete a doctoral program and pass the board exam as administered by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology.

Job Prospects in Alabama for Psychology Professionals

As reported by the Occupational Outlook Handbook, psychologists working within the state of Alabama can expect to make anywhere from $78,000 to $110,000 per year. While this is not among the most highly paid opportunities in the country, it is worth considering that as of early 2016, the cost of living in New York, N.Y., is around 92.6 percent higher than it is in Mobile, Ala.

In other words, your salary in New York, on the low end, would have to clock in around $150,000 for you to enjoy the same quality of life that you could in Alabama for just $78,000 annually. With many New York psychologists earning in the $120,000 per year ballpark, it is easy to see how living and working as a psychology professional in Alabama could be beneficial.

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