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Psychology presents a scientific way for you to study the human brain and body by learning about behavior, thoughts and feelings. Psychology schools use a systematic approach to analyzing human conduct that gives you an understanding of consciousness, emotions, mental health and personality.

What Does a Psychologist Do?

A degree in psychology enables you to perform services that require an understanding of human nature. Fields that involve interaction with others include social services, marketing, sales, management, community health, human resources and law enforcement. By providing services in a range of fields, you can apply your skills to help others while choosing work that you enjoy.

Your knowledge of human behavior can help you understand consumers’ needs as you develop sales and marketing approaches. Psychology assists social workers in fields that require an understanding of human issues such as mental health or elder care. It helps law enforcement officers encourage citizens to respect the legal system. Managers and human resources personnel use principles of psychology to help employees achieve satisfaction and productivity. Performing outreach to different populations allows community workers to improve the fitness, nutrition and stress management of residents who have special needs.

Choosing a Career in Psychology

Many careers in psychology require advanced degrees, but you can qualify for work in related fields as soon as you get your undergraduate diploma. Fields that relate well to psychology offer opportunities for you as a sales representative, an advertising agent, a market researcher or a social service specialist. Working as a mental health technician lets you put your skills to work under the guidance of a licensed professional. Parole officers supervise people who have convictions for criminal offenses, and entry-level work can give you experience that can lead to advancement. A career in psychology offers rewarding work that provides increased challenges and remuneration as you earn advanced degrees.

Choosing a Path Forward

Psychology schools offer an associate’s degree as a first step that provides a foundation for continuing your studies. A bachelor’s degree qualifies you to apply for work assisting a psychologist in mental health centers, occupational rehabilitation centers, correctional programs and vocational training facilities.

A master’s degree prepares you for work in the business world as a corporate manager or market research analyst, and the education field offers opportunities to teach special needs children. A doctorate in psychology qualifies you to pursue lucrative employment as a psychiatrist, clinical therapist or neuropsychologist among many other possibilities.

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