Cognitive Science Degree Programs

Speaker on stage in front of large slide of human brain.
Photo by Pop!Tech, Creative Commons License.

Cognitive Science is a psychology subspecialty and an interdisciplinary study of both mind and intelligence. It looks at how information is both represented and then transformed in the brain. Purusing a cognitive science degree gives you access to a field that pulls from the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics and anthropology.

What Does a Cognitive Scientist Do?

The work of cognitive scientists can apply to a wide variety of areas. Whether these professionals are helping to cultivate functionality in individuals with behavioral disorders or they are aiding businesses to better understand their customers, there are always new and interesting challenges. If considering cognitive science as a career choice, be ready to learn and to adapt to the plethora of required knowledge and the ever-changing environment.

Artificial intelligence is one increasingly popular field for cognitive scientists. Virtual pets or robotic “dogs” and “cats” have been shown to have a positive stimulating effect on patients. Speech therapists may also use cognitive science to help their subjects overcome impediments.

Cognitive Science Careers

Cognitive scientists find careers in fields as diverse as telecommunications, medical analysis, data representation/retrieval, multimedia design and linguistic analysis. Technical writing, consultancy, and marketing are also good uses for a cognitive science degree. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to work directly in the field of cognitive science to find a good job that values your knowledge, experience and skills.

Obtaining a Cognitive Science Degree

Lucrative career opportunities exist for both masters degree holders and Ph.D candidates in the field of cognitive science. While a masters may limit you in some capacity to work directly within the field, it will still give you a good foundation for many lucrative ancillary industries.

Useful Cognitive Science Resources