What Can You Do with a Certificate in Psychology?

Psychology certificate programs are offered throughout the country for undergraduates and graduates alike. While obtaining a certificate in psychology will not qualify you to operate an independent practice, it does assist greatly on your resume for supporting positions within the psychology profession.

If you’ve already attained a GED or high school diploma and you’re enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, then the psychology certificate is a viable educational pathway. With course work that includes behavioral research, human development, assessment and experimentation, to name a few, those attaining a certificate in a psychological field become eligible for career options in social work, career counseling, case management and outreach coordination, among other fields.

Certificates at the graduate and post-doctoral levels will require an additional level of scholarship than those at the undergraduate level. In other words, you’ll already have had to earn your bachelor’s degree  and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores should be available.