Associate’s Degree in Psychology

What Can You Do with an Associate’s Degree in Psychology?

An associate’s degree in psychology will not earn you an upper level position in the psychology field. In fact, many bachelor’s degree earners find the psychological field a tough one to crack. But if you have an interest in psychology and social sciences, then it is still a good idea to try out this tier one credential.

For starters, an associate’s degree will allow you a taste of what the profession is like, so it becomes possible to know right away if psychology is the path you truly want to take. Additionally, it can make you an attractive candidate for organizations that offer volunteer work, which can lead to fruitful networking connections.

This benefit is especially useful to graduates who get out into the world with their bachelors, masters, and even doctorate degrees, yet still find the frustrating reality that upper level positions require experience in addition to credentials.

Attaining an associate’s degree in psychology from an accredited school or university is a strong step forward on the path to an exciting and rewarding career helping others.