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The Psychology Job Resources Mega-List

This compilation of psychology job resources will help you make the most of your job search and create a professional profile that catches your potential employer’s attention. Read more…

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What do Psychologists Really Do? A Guide for the Curious Student

If you’re considering majoring in Psychology, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular college majors today. In fact, the number of students enrolled in the discipline has surged 200% over the past decade. Many of those students will become professional psychologists. Read more…

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How to Become a Psychologist: A Student’s Guide

There are many positions available for psychologists, each requiring a different set of skills. Would you rather be a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a therapist? The goal you choose will determine your path. Read more…

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Psychology Specialties: A Comprehensive Guide for Students

Psychology is the most human of sciences. No other discipline examines the human experience as closely or as deeply as psychology. Every aspect, every nuance, of behavior is carefully dissected and explored by psychologists around the world. Read more…

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Our Guide to Counseling Careers

Counseling professionals are experts at assessing the needs of their patients, tracing behavioral problems and disorders to their source, and developing plans to help patients confront their most pressing issues. Counselors may be also be involved in social work at a personal and community level. Read more…

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Our Guide to Social Work Careers

To have a successful career in social work, your primary focus should be on the individual, group, or community you’re working with, and your mindset must be one that genuinely cares for people and wants to make a positive difference in their lives. Read more…

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Avoiding Psychology Diploma Mills

The future for psychology majors is a bright one with job opportunities available in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Perhaps you have a clearly defined path and you want to work in human resources, public relations, market research, counseling, community outreach or rehabilitation. Read more…

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