Psychology Programs in West Virginia

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Why Choose to Study Psychology in West Virginia?

To earn a solid living as a psychologist in West Virginia, you need to first tackle educational opportunities–there are almost 20 psychology schools in West Virginia offering programs. You also need to give careful consideration to your area of specialization.

Educational Programs and Specialities

School psychologists as well as clinical and counseling practitioners earn on the low end of the income pool, but these programs are very popular because of the tremendous job opportunities they hold. Most students who attend West Virginia psychology programs will probably work in these sectors at some point in their careers.

The almost 20 universities and colleges offer much more than educational training, though. The University of West Virginia, for example, allows you to pursue studies in sports psychology, behavioral analysis and lifespan development. These fields can be more lucrative.

Job Prospects in West Virginia for Psychology Professionals

The low end of the earning spectrum is around $50,000 per year. Areas of specialization outside educational, clinical and counseling psychology earn an average in the mid-$80,000 range. With a low cost of living, either wage makes West Virginia a great home to the practicing psychologist.

Where in West Virginia do You Want to Study?

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