Psychology Programs in New Jersey

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Why Choose to Study Psychology in New Jersey?

New Jersey may be one of the smallest tracts of land in the nation, but it is also one of the most heavily populated. With the vast majority living in the urban setting, this type of environment lends itself to greater interaction, thus creating favorable conditions for the psychologist.

Not coincidentally, it also features more than 30 of the most prestigious programs in the country for those pursuing a career in the field.

Educational Programs and Specialities

Every phase of psychology education is covered in the psychology schools in New Jersey. Here, one can attain undergraduate degrees, certifications, and even master’s or doctorate accreditation. With a population of 1,000 per square mile, there are many ways that psychology students can hone their craft, network and help others during the journey to their degree. Human services and counseling psychology are two in-demand fields as is industrial-organizational opportunity.

Job Prospects in New Jersey for Psychology Professionals

Salary and job growth potential is slightly better than neighboring New York, making New Jersey one of the best in the nation for psychologists. The annual median wage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is north of $92,000 with those in industrial-organizational fields earning more, usually in the low-to-mid six-figure range, along with experienced doctors of psychology in all fields.

Where in New Jersey do You Want to Study?

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